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The meetings will be held during 12-13 and 14-16 June in Toulouse (France). The conference venue is the Université Paul Sabatier easily accessed by public transport. 



Energy relaxation in large isolated molecular species is an active subject when one considers the evolution of carbonaceous clusters and macromolecules, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and fullerenes, in cosmic environments. This is a highly interdisciplinary field that has fostered discussions and collaborations between physicists, physical chemists and astrophysicists. It has motivated the creation of the international meeting EPoLM, Energetic Processing of Large Molecules. The EPoLM-1 and 2 meetings were held in Leiden (May 2015) and Stockholm (May 2016).

EPoLM-3 will maintain the dynamics of exchanges between researchers from the different communities. It will be the occasion to present the most recent results on the structure and dynamics of large molecular species, their evolution under photon irradiation and collisions, as well as the mechanisms at play in the relaxation of energy. These results comprise new molecular dynamics simulations and new laboratory experiments obtained from storage rings and ion traps. The conference will also continue to explore the connection with observational constrains and astrophysical models.

In addition to studying the energetic processing of interstellar and circumstellar dust, the Nanocosmos ERC synergy project comprises other related studies such as the formation of analogues of this dust, its spectroscopic properties as well as its interaction with gas. These aspects will be the subject of the Nanocosmos workshop, mainly driven by the synergy between the involved groups in Spain and Toulouse. This meeting is open for limited attendance, with priority to the EPoLM-3 participants.



Scientific Organizing Committee:


Nanocosmos SOC



Local Organizing Committee:

  • F. Spiegelman (LCPQ/IRSAMC)
  • C. Joblin (IRAP)
  • O. Berné (IRAP)
  • K. Makasheva (LAPLACE)
  • H. Sabbah (IRAP)
  • P. Moretto-Capelle (LCAR)
  • C. Feugeade (IRAP)





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May 8th, 2017

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May 14th, 2017

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